Rabac Open Air attracts more than 26 000 visitors

Rabac Open Air attracts more than 26 000 visitors

The inaugural Rabac Open Air Festival attracted more than 26,000 visitors over 84 days with its diverse and extensive programme, which included 50 events at 14 locations in Rabac, much to the delight of the locals from the Labin area, as well as a plethora of other visitors. During the festival, the streets, parks and catering establishments of Rabac became venues for 183 performers, who have livened up the destination and enriched the tourist offer with their performances. Over the course of the entire summer, a number of visitors had the opportunity to enjoy live music, theatre plays, educational entertainment events for kids, street performances and movie screenings under the stars.
Rabac Open Air began with the grand opening of two luxury resorts – the 4*/5* Valamar Girandella Resort and the 4* Family Life Bellevue Resort, which allowed Rabac to reposition itself as the leading high-end holiday destination. This long-running event-laden festival was established by Valamar Riviera in partnership with the Town of Labin, the Labin-Rabac Tourist Board and MPG, the company which was responsible for the organisational and logistic aspects, with the goal to increase the destination’s competitiveness as well as the goal of providing a more eventful tourist offer. The festival came to life in partnership with the arts and cultural event Labin Art Republic, which boasts a long tradition, in order to provide visitors with an expanded and varied programme all summer long. The festival program catered to all ages, allowing the people from the Labin area, their guests and a slew of tourists to enjoy all the events completely free of charge. The performance by Neno Belan and Fiumens jumpstarted the festival, while Elemental wrapped things up with their attractive live show. The live action attraction Istra Inspirit and the interactive children’s edutainment programme Princess Ball rank as the most-visited festival events; while an array of jugglers and circus performers provided non-stop thrills and laughs to the many passers-by on the Rabac Lungomare promenade. This long-running festival filled the streets and parks of Rabac with first-rate entertainment, music and laughter throughout the summer, which is why this successful festival is also known as the festival of life.
An excellent turnout and positive feedback give credence to the success of the festival, whose second iteration, scheduled for the summer of 2018, is already undergoing intense preparations in order to bring back top-notch entertainment along with music and laughter to the streets and parks of Rabac.